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My healing journey started back in 2014, through in-depth research in the field of mental, emotional, body and soul healing. The road was full of various positive and negative trials as well as frustrating but also healing experiences. Over the years, I decided to change my career direction, my way of living and learnt to appreciate life, people, relationships, nature, my parenting style has changed and I became a different person from almost every point of view.

After many courses in personal development, psychology and alternative healing methods, today I practise Family Constellations and hold classes on Conscious & Healthy Life as well as Career & Brand Development.

Four years ago, I have embarked on a search for healing and new meaning to my life and I am deeply humbled by the richness of insights I’ve been blessed with ever since. I’ve started experiencing the world and relationships from a completely different perspective and with a more meaningful depth. Through this deep connection to everything that is around us, combined with my constant thirst for knowledge and personal development, as well as my mindful exploration of our humanity and everything that we perceive as white or black, through the exploration of endless healing approaches and techniques, I’ve come to develop of my own approach to healing and personal empowerment which I wish to share with others as well.

I have trained in Family Constellations with Hellinger Sciencia, Germany and I have learnt and observed various approaches to Family Constellations and to the various explorations of the Morphic or Knowing Field from many other international teachers. I am grateful to all the teachers from the Knowing Field, including Pia Kalhof, Wolfgang Deusseur, Gerhard Walper, Stephen Gyllenhaal, Stephanie Hartung, Emily Blefeld & Dan Cohen, Barry Krost, Ursula Bell and others. Deepest gratitude to Bert Hellinger for developing and sharing his approach with so many across the globe, making it available to so many people across continents and to Sophie Hellinger for establishing Hellinger Sciencia & sharing her work with Cosmic Power.

I am also grateful to the knowledge and deep insights I’ve gained and absorbed from Irene Lyon & Dieter Rehberg (through Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Movement work), which have also greatly contributed to my healing and development.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank the teachers: Martin Seligman, Angela Duckworth, Karin Reivich & James Pawelski from Penn University, USA who greatly contributed to further developing my knowledge about human behaviour through their online Specialization Course in Positive Psychology.