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Spiritual Constellations just like the Classic Family Constellations have been developed by Bert Hellinger and the main difference between them is that Family Constellations have a more therapeutic approach to it, or else Spiritual Constellations have the tendency to open the field on a deeper level (though not always the case) and the facilitator or the space holder allows him/herself to be guided by the higher forces and go with the flow, rather than manipulate or adjust the direction of the flow.

Who might find Constellations a useful tool?

People who:

  • feel stuck
  • have a pressing issue that seems in need of attention
  • keep repeating the same patterns
  • experience relationship issues that are difficult to address
  • have issues with children
  • are struggling with illnesses or other health issues
  • weight issues
  • are experiencing no or very low life energy
  • feel disconnected from others and/or life
  • have trouble feeling or dealing with feelings
  • and many other challenging situations

In such situations as the ones described above, one can use constellations as a tool that can have the power to open up doors into our personal subconscious and uncover what feeling or situation creates or is connected to this specific issue. Spiritual Constellations have the power to go not only into your subconscious but also in your family’s collective subconscious and even issues connected to social, nature, religious issues. Whatever has touched us or our family, directly or indirectly and hasn’t been processed properly or till the end (fully released) remains stuck in our energetic field – personal & collective. What is stuck there, it’s not forgotten or erased, but rather wants and needs to be released, as energy’s main quality is free flow. Therefore, wherever there are energetic blockages, this energy will try to find ways to come out, to resurface, to be released. Just like a flowing river, once it meets some obstacles on the way or something tries to stop it, it will continuously try to find a way to continue its flow. Similar to what happens to us, situations will start or keep on arising as an opportunity to see what has wounded us in the past and hasn’t been healed/released and will keep on showing up and repeating, possibly through various situations, until finally the original wound can be acknowledged and released. That is how one keeps running into the same type of partner, or why sometimes one gets ill, or why someone might have issues with money or experience traumatic events and so on.

Are Constellations a quick fix? No. Even though some seekers might notice immediate or relatively fast effects, constellations rather serve as gateways into what needs to be seen and acknowledged and it might take some time for the movements and insights to land and fully unfold.

Can they heal anything or everything? Probably not, but they do offer valuable insights that will or might help the person to deal with a situation in a much deeper/supportive and authentic way.

Are constellations a Magic Pill? Yes and No.. Yes from the point of view of what happens in the field and how accurate the elements or specific events that arise in a constellation are. Plus these very deep insights are so valuable for some, that literally these insights have the power to change one’s life around, to find love, to open up for relationships for a new career path, to get back to oneself, to one’s truth… The No answer refers to – this is not like a medicine given to you and once ‘taken’ you are healed and you don’t need to do anything. It does involve your own work, awareness and integration too and sometimes you’ll be invited to do hard things, like quitting a job you hate or leaving a partner that is abusive etc. Whilst there is a big element of surprise and awe and synchronicities and openings and aha moments, you are also invited to take part in this process of life. Just like in The Matrix with the Red & Blue Pill. The question is do you want to remain asleep (rather the pain/discomfort you know) or are you ready to wake up (and step into the new, unknown, empowerment, authenticity)? 🙂

For those who know very little or nothing about Constellations, I encourage you to watch Another Self on Netflix.

Disclaimer: This approach is not a scientifically proven method and it’s not used as a therapeutic tool. If you have doubts whether you are fit for such an exploration, please feel free to reach out. If you feel mentally or emotionally unstable, it is best to consult your therapist or medical practitioner.

By signing up to a workshop, you assume full responsibility for yourself (your emotions, your feelings and behavior) during and after the event.

In the event of difficulties processing the explorations, you are free to contact me for further support after the session.

As a rule, we humans suppress and are unable to process difficult emotions, therefore it is bound for such emotions to arise during such gatherings. These events are held in a safe place and in a safe container.