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I am Ekaterina and I do not fit in a box.

I have tried for many years to fit in boxes created by myself, by others, by society, and by family systems. At one point I realised that it did not serve me nor others to force myself to be someone I am not. So I stepped into an open field, where I can explore and wonder, where I can stay and I can move, or I can sing or I can shout, where I can run and I can lie down, where I can share and where I can hide, where I can explore my true colours, because they are all beautiful. As there is as much beauty and value in the dark as there is in the light.

At some point I found myself in the darkness. And only after exploring the darkness I was able to feel more at home, more in my body, more in the light, more in my life. I stopped chasing the next moment, the next goal, the next healing workshop. Instead, I stepped into life and I am embracing it as it comes, observing its unfolding, its continuous line of insights and lessons.

I used to fight life, until I realised life just happens and is very rich in experiences, with all kinds of doors, and all kinds and opportunities to learn more about ourselves and others.

I have tried, tested and studied many self-development programs and healing modalities. My biggest insights came through Family Constellations and especially through representing various roles. Soon though, I realised that there was a missing piece to the puzzle, a missing step (at least in the types of training I took) – the acknowledgement of the inner child’s wounding. It did not take long for me to realise this was of value not only to myself but to a lot of other seekers who keep on going to Constellations but nothing or very little seems to ‘get solved’. Instead the same subjects come up from generations back, yet something doesn’t quite seem to land, as if there is still a missing piece.

This is not to say that there is no value to Family Constellations, not at all. There is immense value in constellation work and it is very much needed for most people. I am just saying that before stepping into the inter-generational realm, for some seekers it might be worth to look into personal wounding and trauma before attempting to look into the family system, especially for those with heavy or multiple traumas and/or heavy family systems.

This insight has helped me a lot with my own healing process and was also the seed of my inner-calling. Therefore, whenever I open the constellation circle I am not surprised that often the inner child wounding comes up and needs to be looked at first, before we dive into further depths of entanglements. Very often this very first step is what is most needed or enough for a deep healing movement to arise.

I have studied Spiritual (Silent or Mediumistic) Constellations at Bert & Sophie Hellinger’s Institute (Hellinger Sciencia) in Bad Reichenhall, Germany; Spiritual Constellations & Art Therapy with Pia Kalhof from Norway & Classic Constellations with Ursula Maria Bell.

Apart from this, I have also learnt a lot from attending workshops, mini-courses, conferences and summits with various teachers like Anngwyn St. Just (Trauma Constellations), Bertold Ulsamer, Karl-Heinz Rauscher (illnesses – healing voices), Sarah Peyton (Constellations through neuroscience & resonance), Franz Ruppert (IoPT), Elena Veselago, Rudiger Rogoll (constellations through fairytales & transactional analysis), Wilfred Nelles (Life Integration Process) , Stephanie Hartung, Jane Petterson, Jan Jacob Stam (organisational constellations), Cecilio Rogojo (organisational constellations), Suzy Tucker, William Mannle (Younger Wounded Self), Francesca Mason Boring (Nature Constellations), Dan & Emily Blefield, just to mention the ‘few’ that impacted my healing process and personal development.

I have also taken various courses and attended seminars around trauma work with Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing), Stephen Porges (interpersonal neurobiology/attachment experiences), Dan Siegel (Polyvagal Theory), Deb Dana (Polyvagal Theory), Gabor Mate, and Basel Van Der Kolk.

As I have a deep love for understanding the human psyche, I have taken an online specialisation course in Foundations of Positive Psychology with Martin Seligman, Angela Duckworth & James Pawelski from Penn University (USA), apart from numerous other short courses and conferences in psychology, trauma, neuroscience & neuroplasticity, child development, parenting etc.

Besides the constellation studies, the other studies I took were mainly for my brain to understand trauma, to understand human psyche, behaviour and dis-ease. On a soul & body level, I have also explored various healing techniques like sound healing, somatic movement, somatic dance, art expression, hypnotherapy, various types of meditations, breathing techniques, inner journeys, healing through sound release etc.

At this moment I offer circles of constellations and explorations on various subjects, though one of the predominant themes is the inner child wounding. My tool box includes meditations, art & somatic expression, sound healing & breathing techniques. The type of approach to the group though is often not predetermined but rather I allow myself to be guided by the knowing field and by my intuition.

Lately I am also exploring my own Feminine Energy Awakening & Body Awareness Integration processes, therefore, occasionally I bring these subjects into the field to explore together in a group setting.