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Meet Your Inner Wisdom & Power through Conscious Awareness

Helping people with their exploration into accessing inner wisdom and internal resources for a meaningful, connected & fulfilled life. A better me, a better you, a better planet.
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Ekaterina Nabuurs Family Constellation
Let me introduce myself

I’m Ekaterina Nabuurs

I’m a teacher by education, my previous career led me into Business & Marketing, after which my soul calling brought me to Family Constellations.
Through conscious living, Family Constellations and access to the Morphic field, I have found a different & deeper angle to accessing solutions in many aspects of life, be it personal, professional or collective.

I am passionate about a 360º approach to wellbeing and enjoy teaching classes on various subjects like health, career, parenting, relationships, branding & marketing, self-employment etc.

My main points of interest are alternative healing, nature, humanity, parenting, trauma, human psyche at home, at work and in relation to the rest of the world.

It was my personal history and the search for my own body and soul healing which has brought me to Family Constellations guiding me to my spiritual awakening & conscious living.

What I offer

Spiritual Constellations

Inner Child Work

1:1 Session

Women’s Circles

What others said

I really enjoyed this workshop on the inner child. Ekaterina did such a lovely job of creating a safe space for us all. Ekaterina really understands how to work in a gentle way on sensitive issues and creates a very safe environment and container in which to explore. Thank you so much for your help and experience. I felt a real shift after the work.

A.R., 35United Kingdom

Thank you Ekaterina. After participating to a few sessions, facilitated by you, I want to let you know, it’s great to participate to those sessions. You ensure, everybody is feeling safe, and to participate is feeling great. For me you are a proof, softness can be used as a big strength! Also the empathy you are showing towards the clients is something I really like. Hope there are many further constellations I can participate to.

Wolfgang, 45Austria

Love the process that Ecaterina does to rekindle one’s relationship with the inner child. Her workshop is insightful and has certainly helped me rekindle my inner child relationship. Even online the space held is a safe one for this process.

Anthea, 48South Africa

Ekaterina has a gifted way of guiding and supporting the people in her field. Her innate ability to create a space of gentle kindness, allows the natural unfolding of sequences/ events to take place quite beautifully

Sara, 38Malta

I participated Ekaterina´s family constellation online workshop. I liked very much the way she facilitated and noticed everyone. Kate was very calm, and I felt safe all the time during the constellation. The subject, inner child, was well augmented and at constellation the field made the words alive.

Tuija, 62Finland

I have participated in various events in which Ecaterina has facilitated family constellations as well as inner child work. She works with sensitivity, empathy and precision, drilling down to the real issues. Her wide experience allows her to offer a broad range of perspectives and to move comfortably between them.

Marc, 65Luxembourg

I am at a loss for words as to how much her insights deeply impacted my session. With full of energy, she vibrates at such high frequencies where her passion drives her session. She rightly knows how to hold space for you, and when to distance and give some space to heal. I was fascinated to see how attuned her body is to receive and pick insights from the field. I feel fortunate enough to have encountered such powerful energy work with her supervision.


Meeting my inner child with Ekaterina by my side was both scary and safe. Ekaterina's capability of holding the space for the meet was incredible. Her warm light, soothing voice when it got rough and allowing the experience to be mine was for me a new way of meeting what probably scares me the most, my inner child. With no judgment and a soft love she allowed the movements to go through me and I could feel her support throughout the experience.

Irene, 52Norway

A natural gentleness of manner, a soothing voice and a luminescent aura are traits that I have come to associate with Ekaterina. I daresay that anyone who meets her and sits in her workshop for the first time would find it easy to entrust in her their innermost cares.

Kathleen Mojica, 65Writer & Coach, Manila

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